Emerging Advocates Program at the Conference

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EAP and RAP at the Conference

Your personal experience of homelessness or living in affordable housing is welcome here: Emerging Advocates and the Resident Action Project at COEH

The Conference on Ending Homelessness (COEH) presents numerous opportunities for learning and networking. The Emerging Advocates Program (EAP) and the Resident Action Project (RAP) at COEH bring conference opportunities and program support together to create a space for affordable housing residents and people who’ve experienced homelessness to network, learn, and feel supported at the conference and beyond.

The Emerging Advocates Program provides advocacy training and support for individuals with direct experience of housing instability/homelessness. Participants gain skills and experience working for positive policy change to become advocacy leaders in their communities. EAP graduates are important members of the affordable housing advocacy community; many graduates build long-lasting connections and discover new opportunities through the Housing Alliance and our networks.

The Resident Action Project aims to build a statewide network people who live in affordable homes, people who are low-income, and people who have experienced homelessness. Our goal is to empower and follow the lead of the these folks to take action to push for policy change at the state level. 

This year, EAP at the conference will focus on supporting current and past participants in networking, leadership development, and gaining skills within the opportunities that the conference presents. Contact program coordinator Alouise Urness alouise@wliha.org to find out more about how to sign up as an Emerging Advocate.

The Resident Action will be hosting its second workshop at the conference this year. Similar to EAP, participants will have networking, leadership development, and skill building opportunities during the conference. Contact program coordinator Kristina Nielander kristinan@housingactionfund.org to learn more about the Resident Action Project and how you can get involved.

How to Participate in EAP, RAP, and Conference Opportunities for Program Participants:

•    Apply to participate in the new EAP program format: EAP Skillset here

•    Come to the RAP Workshop and learn how to bring RAP to your Community

•    Contact Kristina kristinan@housingactionfund.org to learn more about upcoming events and to get on the RAP mailing list

•    Apply for a conference scholarship (form here), if needed

•    Consider EAP/RAP tagged workshops as you plan your conference itinerary

•    Program participants will be contacted about special conference events for EAP and RAP.